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Enterprise-Quality Wireless Business Broadband

Faster than traditional fibre


Welcome to E-Wire

We’re the fastest ISP in London, with up to 10 Gbps upload/download speeds and ultra low latency

fastest wireless broadband in London

What makes E-Wire different?

We’re the highest capacity licensed wireless business broadband provider in London.
Our advanced wireless technology is more secure than traditional networks, yet quick and simple to install.

Everything You Need In One Place

Fast Installation
E-Wire will have your broadband internet service installed and ready to use within 20 days, and in some cases we can provide a next day service. This is up to 5x faster than traditional fibre and leased line connectivity which can require substantial construction works to connect to your business.
Competitive Pricing
We believe that the price of enterprise internet connectivity is too high – that’s why we are competitively priced, providing a premium quality enterprise service.
Ultra Low Latency
We provide sub 4ms access to the internet, making us the fastest ISP in London. Our millimetre wave network provides speeds higher than that of traditional fibre.
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