Frequently Asked Questions

What is wireless fibre technology?
Wireless fibre technology was originally designed by the US military to create connectivity to remote army bases. E-Wire uses this technology for its network to provide the fastest wireless broadband internet connection in London.

The equipment was slowly commercialised, and its roll out has been scaled in the US by Google, through its subsidiary WebPass. As time of writing 7 of every 10 new dedicated broadband connections in the US use this tech, and it is the dominant infrastructure for broadband connectivity.
What are the benefits of wireless fibre?
Flexibility: because equipment can be lifted and shifted to new locations with huge cost, contracts are extremely flexible, giving clients much more freedom

Cost: The equipment overall is cheaper, meaning upfront and running cost of any connection is materially cheaper for the client

Timing: Installations can be completed within 24 hours of order. No wayleave or planning permissions are required, meaning bureaucracy is minimal
How does wireless fibre technology work?
Data is transported wirelessly on extremely high frequency wavelengths between two antenna. One antenna is connected directly to the router in the clients office, the other to an exchange where internet traffic is managed. Only the two antenna in question can communicate with each other. The ability to operate on very high frequencies allows very high throughput of data, and hence the high speeds enjoyed by our clients.
Who else offers this service?
No one in West London (North or South) has a network of this type. The only alternative for businesses is leased line fibre, which is generally (a) 50% more expensive (b) up to 90 days lead time to install (c) has contract terms that are materially less flexible.
How fast is 1 Gbps?
1 Gbps stands for one Gigabit per second, or 1,000 Megabits per second - not to be confused with 1,000 Megabytes per second. 1,000 Megabits per second roughly translates to 125 Megabytes per second. That means you can download an hour-long TV episode from Netflix (about 280 MB in standard definition) in less than 3 seconds!
Are my speeds guaranteed and what happens if the connection drops for any reason?
All our speeds are guaranteed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA) to 99.99% availability. In raw numbers, this means that if your internet drops for more that 30mins in a day the contract as structured will be voidable, or you will have the right not to pay us for that month.

Beyond that, we guarantee a 4 hour ‘react and repair’ time in the event of an issue. This means we have to be onsite within 1 hour of a complaint being lodged, and repair your connection within 3 hours of arriving.
Are you just reselling existing infrastructure already built by BT or Virgin?
No. The network we operate was built by and is manged by us. All installations are handled by our team of engineers and your connection is monitored from our Network Operating centre (NOC) in White City.
Will the connection be impacted by inclement weather (heavy rain, snow, winds)?
No. The equipment we used was designed for military use, and as a result is capable of operating in extreme weather conditions. Since adoption in the UK we have not had a single outage due to weather events.
What are the costs and commercial terms?
See pricing grid on our website here.
How many customers do you have on your network?
We have over 100 dedicated connections on our network, including blue chip clients like L’Oreal’s, Autolus and Aston Martin. Our customers range from SMEs with 20,000.